About Us

The Scottish Local History Forum keeps you in touch with individuals and organisations involved with local history, heritage and culture. Founded in 1983, it is the umbrella group for local history in Scotland. Members come from all parts of Scotland as well as overseas, and include individuals, historical groups and societies, and heritage organisations such as libraries, archives and museums. 

The Forum's aims include: 

  • Stimulating and encouraging interest in local history and heritage in Scotland
  • Advancing education and research in Scottish local history

To achieve these aims the Forum:

  • Publishes the journal Scottish Local History
  • Organises events such as Conferences, Fairs and Workshops
  • Provides a website www.slhf.org
  • Links and liaises with
    • Historical Societies
    • Educational Institutions
    • Local Authorities
    • ​Voluntary Organisations
  • Campaigns for our members on matters relating to local history and heritage