Guidance for Directory Users

The Directory aims to include details of a wide range of Scottish local history resources held by:

  • public organisations
  • commercial organisations (businesses)
  • archives
  • museums
  • libraries
  • local history resource centres
  • family and local history societies
  • special interest societies
  • private individuals

You can search by organisations which hold the resources or by the resources themselves.

When you select which type of record you want to look at, you will be presented with a list of all Organisations or Resources listed in alphabetic order (by name). The tables of organisations/resources can be re-sorted by clicking on the table headings.

You can limit the list to relevant organisations/resources by using the simple key word search facility (which looks for a match in the organisation/resources name and description). You can also use the advanced search facility to limit the list to organisations/resources which meet one or more of the attributes you have selected.
Note: it does not limit the list to only those organisations or resources which exhibit all of the attributes you have selected.

Organisations/resources can also be found using the map based interface which shows the physical location of the organisation/resource.

In the future we aim to provide map based search facility for the geographical coverage (ie subject matter) of the resource.

Click on the relevant organisation/resource name wherever it appears to open the full record for that organisation/resource. At the bottom of the record of each organisation is a list of the resources it holds.