Sample Journal Articles

Here are some sample articles from Scottish Local History.

Alexander Bain: The Real Father of Television?

This article by Ivan S Ruddock appears in Issue 83, published Summer 2012.

Alexander Bain

Download: Alexander Bain: The Real father of Television? (PDF 538 KB)

'Comics' For The Historian

This article by Eric Simpson appears in Issue 83, published Summer 2012.


Download: 'Comics' For The Historian (PDF 2 MB)

The "Black Minstrelsy in Scotland"

This article by Eric J Graham appears in Issue 80, published February 2011.


Download: The Black Minstrelsy in Scotland (PDF 6.13 MB)
This is a large file and may take a few minutes to open/download.

Stanley Mills – an early factory village

This article by A J Cooke appears in Issue 45, published Spring 1999.

Stanley Mills

Download: Stanley Mills (PDF 2.5 MB)

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