High Court of Admiralty Scotland Records 1620–1750 (CD)



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Sue Mowat and Eric J Graham

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This CD contains the Scottish Admiralty Court records held by the National Records of Scotland for the years 1627 to 1750 which provide an unparalleled insight into the maritime and mercantile affairs of Scotland in the seventeenth to early eighteenth centuries.

The Court dealt with a wide array of maritime matters: disputes over charter parties (including slaving voyages), non-payment of freight charges, negligence by skippers, damage to cargoes, wrecks and other accidents at sea, wage claims by ships' crews and beached whales. Pirates were tried before it as were criminal charges of assault and even murder onboard ship. In wartime the Court dealt with the legal 'condemnation' of prize vessels, and disputes over payment of ransom for captured Scottish ships and hostages. It also heard maritime related debt cases.

Recorded in Microsoft Word 97 format it has over 3,700 entries (each representing a court record).


Foreword and Introduction
Using the Guide
Contents of the Guide
Description of Documents and terms used
Discreets 1627 – 1692
Processes 1703 – 1750
Decrees in Absence 1701 – 1750
Summary Warrants 1703 – 1750
Commissions 1693 – 1750
Bonds 1703 – 1750
Criminal Cases 1705 – 1735
Appendix: The Lord High Admirals of Scotland 1402 – 1707
Appendix: The Scottish Admirals and their Courts
Appendix: The Scottish Contribution to International Maritime Law
Appendix: Sources of 17th and 18th century Scottish Maritime History