Scotland’s Horticultural Heritage

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This is a Scottish Local History Forum event.
Saturday, 14 November 2009 (All day)
Royal Botanic Garden , Edinburgh, EH3 5LR

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One hundred delegates from Horticultural and Local History organisations heard a series of speakers sharing aspects of Scotland’s significant heritage in the world of plants at a seminar held at the Royal Botanic Garden on Saturday 14th November. Topics ranged from the rediscovered 16th century garden at Drum Castle to the problems of managing mature woodland in a changing climate and new forms of plant disease. Examples were given of research projects uncovering the lives and events of past gardeners and the need for more local awareness of Scots who used their horticultural skills throughout the world. But there was also the chilling message of the contrast between the  plant collection trips of yesterday to today’s challenge of restoring habitats  following neglect and destruction.

David Affleck, conference organiser said:

For those who attended the event, it was an educative and challenging day, coming at a time when the words of Patrick Geddes, “By leaves we live” is a call for a fresh understanding of the world of plants. Regretfully, we heard of examples where we need to retrieve the practical skills so many Scottish gardeners excelled in and wrote about. Delegates were stirred up with the challenge to make Scotland a Horticultural Tourist destination but were also made aware of the need to ensure that the plantsmanship and craft skills that will be required are not lost but passed on in a meaningful way'.

The Conference organisers hope that the experience of the event will be taken up at more local seminars where the local horticultural heritage and the need for a fresh approach to plan action for its recording and survival can be debated. (end)

This was a significant study day relating to Scotland’s rich history of horticulture and a local and national level.

The conference was organised by the Scottish Local History Forum (Scottish Charity No. SC15850) in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Scottish Charity No. SC007983) and is supported by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and the University of Edinburgh Knowledge Transfer project.




Full rate £20
Member’s rate £18
(includes morning coffee/tea and sandwich lunch)

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Royal Botanic Garden

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