Bronze Age Exhibition

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Saturday, 6 September 2014 - 10:30am to 4:30pm
North Kessock Village Hall, Marine Park, North Kessock, IV1 3XS

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While the community of North Kessock had reservations about another large scale housing development on Bellfield Farm land, North Kessock, crop marks on aerial photographs led to predevelopment archaeological excavations carried out by Headland Archaeology.

Their searches revealed some exciting finds which in turn led to the project "Feats of Clay", undertaken by North Kessock & District Local History Society and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Highland Council, and "Science on Your Doorstep" to investigate and publicise the Bronze Age Community which inhabited Bellfield nearly 4000 years ago.

The remains of two roundhouses were uncovered along with their rubbish pits which is where the real excitement occurred. Some dirty, broken bits of clay led to a rare and nationally interesting piece of Bronze Age evidence. Experts in National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh identified them as the fragile fragments of clay moulds used in casting bronze sickles, proving that sophisticated metalworking was being carried out in this area. With excavations completed and recorded, the site was covered over and housebuilding went ahead.

Part one of the project involved searching for local clay deposits which may have been used for the moulds and the domestic pottery found on the site. Community Courses followed which looked at Bronze Age life based on both local and wider archaeological evidence. A very successful Bronze Age Crafting Day was held last October in North Kessock Village Hall where members of the new and established local community were invited to have a go at some of the crafts of the time and to witness a bronze-casting expert cast a replica bronze sickle.

Part two of the project has involved community members exploring the clues to community life gathered from Bronze Age metalwork found in the Moray Firth Area, most of which lies in Museum stores and is unlikely ever to be put on display.

Over 150 objects have been identified, recorded and photographed to be used in the culmination of the project- a book written by Trevor Cowie, a Senior Curator at the National Museum of Scotland; and the Society's Bronze Age Exhibition to be held in North Kessock Village Hall on Saturday 6th September - an opportunity to meet the neighbours and to celebrate a community which inhabited the North Kessock area some 4000 years ago.

Crafters will be using Bronze Age techniques to make pots, baskets, jewellery and bread and much, much more and encouraging visitors to have a go. Why not come along and join us?
Saturday 6th September 2014 10.30-4.30


Linda Clark
01463 870889



Event Location

North Kessock Village Hall
Marine Park
North Kessock

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