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Summer 2024

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Aerial photograph of Dunnotar Castle, near Stonehaven, by Edward Z Smith.

The L-plan keep on the landward part of the site was built during the late fourteenth century.

Some of the castle was destroyed in a siege by Cromwell's troops during 1651-2 and much of the remainder was demolished early in the eighteenth century.


The Literacy and Debating Society of a Coatbridge School, 1916-1929
The Incidence of Escapes from Stobs Prisoner of War Camp, 1915-1918
The Mitchellite Explosive and MB Powder Factory, Bonnybridge
The Abbey, Saucel and Seedhill Grain Mills, Paisley
Eaglesfield, Middlebie Parish, Dumfriesshire: from Legend to Literacy
The Bazaar Age in Scotland - Part 8, Fun and Fundraising in Forfar in 1903: The Area Belle Farce
Note 1: The Debtors' Sanctuary, Holyrood
Note 2: The Threat to Ramsay MacDonald's Vision
News Feature: Future of Antonine Wall
News Feature: Train-shed Formerly at Haymarket Station, now at Bo'ness
News Feature: German Aircraft Crash in Stirlingshire during World War II
News Feature: A Forgotten Archive (North British Railway)
News Feature: The Truckell Prize

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