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Scottish Local History was first published as the 'Scottish Local History Conference Newsletter' in October 1982. Further issues appeared in January and May 1983 and the first issue to bear the title Scottish Local History appeared in Autumn 1983.

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Issue 12 Valentines of Dundee No
Issue 112 'An Affair of the Cloth' The Rev Robert Barclay (1868-1918) and St Mark's Church, Perth Yes
Issue 94 'And uther placis': two ambassadorial missions in Ayrshire Yes
Issue 104 'Better than a Mere Masonry Monument' Further research on War Memorial Buildings Yes
Issue 83 'Comics' for the Historian: comic postcards - their rise and fall Yes
Issue 114 'Fames for its Mills' The Regulation of Perth Burgh Mills and the Challenge to Monopoly Privileges, 1745-1845 Yes
Issue 107 'I'm a fair flyer on the rollers now' - The Roller Rink mania in Scotland, 1908-1911 Yes
Issue 114 'It started with Rob Roy' Film-making in the Trossachs 1911-1953 Yes
Issue 108 'Martha Broun her Musik Book': an eighteenth century household book from Inverary No
Issue 87 'Our Lady of Aberdeen' and Notre Dame du Bon Succes Yes
Issue 114 'Palaces of Light and Luxury' The Roller Rink Mania in Northern Scotland, 1909-1912 Yes
Issue 106 'Personal, Local, and Unofficial': a review of some sources for farming history Yes
Issue 98 'The best thing of its kind ever produced': an introduction to the Book of the Bazaar Yes
Issue 107 'The Drifty Days' - A climate crisis of 1673-4 Yes
Issue 117 'The Horse of Knowledge and the Human Kangaroo': Menageries and Circuses in Scotland in the Edwardian Era Yes
Issue 113 'The most beautiful spot south of the Highlands': The George V Suspension Bridge, Newton Stewart Yes
Issue 107 'The persons that leaps the dykes' - Two Eighteenth Century Kirk Road Disputes Yes
Issue 111 'The Queen of all Bazaars': Beatrice Clugston (1827-88) No
Issue 101 'The Story of the Edinburgh Doll': fact or fiction? Scottish contributions to the Boston Anti-Slavery Bazaar in the 1840s and 1850s Yes
Issue 111 'We only punish them when they do wrong': Slavery and the St Boswells Bard, John Younger No
Issue 48 18th century newspapers as local history sources Yes
Issue 76 18th-century nurserymen, the Millers at Holyrood Yes
Issue 31 19th century photographic processes: identification and care No
Issue 08 20 years of Edinburgh local history No
Issue 56 602 Auxiliary Air Force Squadron Museum Yes
Issue 82 A Glasgow Slaving Tragedy Yes
Issue 98 A Hidden Secret: lime working in East Kilbride and Thorntonhall Yes
Issue 115 A History of the Burntisland Vitriol Company and its Halfpenny Yes
Issue 100 A Kaleidoscope of Scottish Ceramics Yes
Issue 109 A Lead Mine at Achanarras, Spittal, Caithness Yes
Issue 92 A Local Court for Local People: using franchise court records in local history research - an example from Breadalbane Yes
Issue 87 A Napoleonic Prisoner in Lochmaben Yes
Issue 88 A Polish Schoolboy in 1940s Scotland Yes
Issue 36 A Scottish minister’s role in Swedish Lutheran church reform No
Issue 114 A Seventeenth Century Murder in Tinwald Parish Yes
Issue 98 A short history of Alfred Nobel's Westquarter, Falkirk Works Yes
Issue 108 A Survey of Corrugated-iron Churches in Scotland No
Issue 114 A Survey of Corrugated-iron Halls in Scotland Yes
Issue 83 A Very Edinburgh Riot: the John Cormack phenomenon Yes
Issue 97 A Wig for The Laird: keeping up appearances in eighteenth century Ayrshire Yes
Issue 96 Aberdeen County Assessed Tax Records, 1799-1832 Yes
Issue 19 Aberdeen – family history shop No
Issue 59 Aberdeen – master mason John Morgan Yes
Issue 55 Abriachan – a highland community Yes
Issue 70 Adam Bald – the Impulsive and Compulsive traveller, and a weekend away Yes
Issue 81 Advertising and the Promotion of Planned Villages in Scotland and Ireland No
Issue 110 Advertising Fife Keith and Dufftown, Banffshire, 1817 Yes
Issue 06 Agrarian history in Scotland – sources No
Issue 32 Ailsa Craig – Mr Douglas’s jaunt Yes
Issue 83 Alexander Bain: the real father of television? Yes
Issue 86 Alexander Crawford Lamb of Dundee: hotelier and antiquarian Yes
Issue 95 Alexander Ogg: land surveyor, farmer and gold prospector, Aberdeenshire and New Zealand, Part 2: New Zealand Yes
Issue 93 Alexander Ogg: land surveyor, farmer and gold prospector, Aberdeenshire and New Zealand. Part 1: Aberdeenshire Yes
Issue 35 Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson – the Balfron environment and its influence No
Issue 81 Allan Ball Awards No
Issue 66 Allan, James – Memoirs: the journey of a lifetime Yes
Issue 57 American Letters, 1889 Yes
Issue 89 An Aberdeen Estate Rental Book: the estates of Leslie of Balquain, 1875-84 Yes
Issue 63 An Anti-Emigrants’ letter Yes
Issue 109 Andrew Carnegie's Mystery Coach Tour: a Speyside Jaunt in a Four-in-Hand Coach Yes
Issue 15 Andrew Fisher: Scots collier and Australian reformer No
Issue 33 Andrew Tod – history his way No
Issue 18 Angus, David – Victorian railway engineer No
Issue 13 Arbroath Examination Roll, 1752 No
Issue 01 Archaeology – changes of attitude to the remains of the past No
Issue 79 Archiestown, the founding years, 1758-1775 Yes
Issue 28 Architectural sources for house history No
Issue 16 Archives in schools No
Issue 18 Archives – aids to reading and interpreting Scottish documents No
Issue 60 Ardrossan’s harbour Yes
Issue 113 Ardtrasgairt - portrait of a Highland community in the nineteenth century Yes
Issue 38 Argyll – population and land values before 1750 No
Issue 05 Arthur’s Seat – recording fragments of ancient landscapes No
Issue 26 Association of Local History Tutors Yes
Issue 111 Attitudes to Slavery and Black People in the Glasgow Press 1830-1870 No
Issue 51 Auchterarder – kailyard verses Yes
Issue 73 Auchtergaven life in the 17th and 18th centuries Yes
Issue 14 Audio-Visual presentations No
Issue 39 Authorities and archives No
Issue 65 Ayr 800 Yes
Issue 14 Ayr Archives Office No
Issue 01 Ayrshire – coal mining and miners No
Issue 39 Ayrshire – Commissioners of Supply records No
Issue 30 Ayr’s unbuilt pier Yes
Issue 93 Backwater or Model Estate? Williamwood Estate, Cathcart Parish Yes
Issue 03 Bailie Deuchars – jigsaw of his scrapbook No
Issue 62 Balfron 700 Yes
Issue 107 Balfron Radicals of 1820 Yes
Issue 35 Balfron – churches, 1789-1850: religion of an industrial village No
Issue 104 BalivanichTownship, Benbecula Changes in houses, crops and farming as evidenced through Clanranald's eighteenth and nineteenth century leases Yes
Issue 53 Ballachulish Railway Yes
Issue 73 Ballater's founding in 1809 – Common Errors Corrected Yes
Issue 67 Balmaha – the pyroligneus acid works No
Issue 58 Bangour Village Hospital No
Issue 78 Barneyhill, East Barns, Dunbar Yes
Issue 61 Baron George Armitstead of Castlehill, Dundee Yes
Issue 01 Barrhead – community history No
Issue 87 Barrowfield and Camlachie: the Land Use and Mining History of Neighbouring Glasgow Estates Yes
Issue 49 Bellahouston Park – a Glasgow public park in the 1930s Yes
Issue 64 Benderloch – St Modan’s Church Yes
Issue 86 Beyond the Grave: Eight Centuries of Dunfermline Abbey Churchyard Yes
Issue 31 Biggar – photographs and photographers No
Issue 23 Birkhill Clay Mine No
Issue 86 Black Isle School Log Books (1875-1919): a statistical approach Yes
Issue 71 Black people in Scotland during the slavery era No
Issue 10 Blair Atholl Mill No
Issue 60 Boat of Garten Yes
Issue 30 Boat registration Yes
Issue 90 Bonawe Iron Furnace Yes
Issue 76 Border Reiver William Armstrong of Kinmont Yes
Issue 21 Border woollen mills Yes
Issue 21 Borders Museum Forum and local history Yes
Issue 21 Borders Region Archive & Local History Centre Yes
Issue 51 Borders woollen industry and the American Civil War Yes
Issue 23 Bo’ness Heritage Trust No
Issue 45 Brewing industry in Scottish localities Yes
Issue 80 Britain's first filtered water supply: Paisley's contribution to public health No
Issue 26 Broadcasting and oral history Yes
Issue 58 Brora’s past industries No
Issue 62 Buccleuch Estates – estate management in the Age of Improvement Yes
Issue 75 Buchanan Castle military railway Yes
Issue 28 Bughtrig and Charles Frank No
Issue 48 Building and re-building the urban scene in early modern Stirling Yes
Issue 113 Burghs in the Moray Landscape: twin cities of the plain; twin pillars of the kingdom Yes
Issue 38 Burning of Wallston Toll in the Parish of Tarbolton No
Issue 70 Cairngorms – the Shelter Stone Yes
Issue 59 Caledonian Heritage Futures Network Yes
Issue 69 Cambuskenneth Ferry, 1709-1935 No
Issue 31 Campbeltown, 1890-1910: the MacGrory Photographic Collection No
Issue 102 Canon Alexander Galloway - Scholar, Priest or 'Renaissance Man' No
Issue 95 Captain George Scott of Dysart in the Venetian Naval Service Yes
Issue 17 Care of books and manuscripts No
Issue 66 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, 2005 Yes
Issue 72 Carpow Bronze Age logboat No
Issue 29 Case of James Craws, 1826-27 No
Issue 07 Castle and community No
Issue 72 Castle Fraser violated in 1655 No
Issue 78 Castle Fraser's Elyza Fraser, 1736-1814 Yes
Issue 08 Castles in context No
Issue 49 Cathcart – four paper mills Yes
Issue 75 Catholic Mission at Paisley, 1808-1829 Yes
Issue 102 Celebration of Victory or Insensitive Insult? First World War Trophies in Aberdeenshire No
Issue 21 Central Region schools – archives and Standard Grade History Yes
Issue 33 Charles Mitchell and the Troon smugglers No
Issue 110 Charles Rennie Cowie: East India Merchant and Book Collector Yes
Issue 37 Chartism in Clackmannanshire Yes
Issue 59 Childhood in early modern Scotland Yes
Issue 55 Churches of Scotland Project Yes
Issue 66 Cinemas – Motherwell New Cinema, Barrie Street Yes
Issue 40 Clio: the Scottish Record Office’s electronic catalogue Yes
Issue 56 Clovenfords vineyards Yes
Issue 66 Cluthas – the popular Glasgow ferries Yes
Issue 34 Clydesdale bastle project No
Issue 104 Coatbridge Casualties of World War 1 Yes
Issue 58 Colinton through its Local Authority Minute Book, 1882-1890 No
Issue 60 Colinton – 19th century glimpses Yes
Issue 03 Collecting Scottish newspapers No
Issue 61 Colonsay – emigrants to Prince Edward Island, 1806 Yes
Issue 88 Commander Milliken Craig of the Honourable East India Company Yes
Issue 70 Communications – change as perceived in the OSA and NSA, Final Part Yes
Issue 68 Communications – change as perceived in the OSA and NSA, Part 1 Yes
Issue 69 Communications – change as perceived in the OSA and NSA, Part 2 No
Issue 81 Compensating Scottish Slave Owners No
Issue 116 Concrete in the Far North: The Duke of Sutherland's Use of Concrete in the 1870s Yes
Issue 114 Conflict over Cholera - Edinburgh in 1832 Yes
Issue 50 Coping with old handwriting Yes
Issue 37 Coping with old handwriting Yes
Issue 75 Corncockle Quarry near Lochmaben Yes
Issue 85 Cornstone Burning for Fertilizer in Eighteenth Century Dunbartonshire and Stirlingshire Yes
Issue 115 Coronations and Jubilees - Part 2 'The Bridge of Sighs': the Diamond Jubilee Bridge and Fountain, Stevenson, Ayrshire Yes
Issue 116 CORONATIONS AND JUBILEES, PART 3 - Bandstands and Bridges, Cairns and Clocks: Royal Commemorations in Scotland 1887-1911 Yes
Issue 08 Corstorphine parish history – a student guide No
Issue 09 Council for British Archaeology, Scotland No
Issue 61 Coupar Angus – silver foxes Yes
Issue 93 Cover Portrait: The Snuff Shop Boy Yes
Issue 69 Cowal – a new parish for No
Issue 30 Craft, early, in Scottish waters Yes
Issue 62 Cranshaws Church Yes
Issue 112 Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands: the Napier Commission Report of 1884 Yes
Issue 77 Cromarty and the Navy Yes
Issue 62 Cromarty Folk Yes
Issue 57 Cromarty Seaplane Station, 1913 Yes
Issue 106 Cromwell's Highland Stronghold: The Sconce of Inverness Yes
Issue 77 Crossraguel Abbey Yes
Issue 54 Croy and Croy Historical Society Yes
Issue 66 Croy Railway Station – life around Yes
Issue 47 Cultural Strategy for Scotland – SLHF response No
Issue 63 Culzean Castle – changing fortunes after Robert Adam’s death Yes
Issue 102 Dalgety Parish and Andrew Donaldson, minister during the latter part of seventeenth century No
Issue 03 Dalkeith and the Douglas testament No
Issue 63 Dalkeith flashback, 18th century Yes
Issue 33 Dalkeith people at the time of the 1694 poll tax No
Issue 65 Dalkeith progress, 19th century Yes
Issue 50 Dalkeith Watch Tower – restoration Yes
Issue 10 Dalkeith Watch Tower – restoration No
Issue 18 David Angus: Victorian railway engineer No
Issue 08 Dean Castle – educational use No
Issue 116 Debosched Horneris and Contemptuous and Seditious Assemblies: The Life and Times of Charles Ferme (1566-1617) Yes
Issue 32 Diary of William Finnie, Kilmarnock businessman, 1818-20 Yes
Issue 42 Dirleton bowling clubs and their trophies Yes
Issue 109 Disease and Disorder in the Edinburgh Magdalene Asylum Yes
Issue 29 Domestic environment in Scotland No
Issue 76 Donibristle Airfield Yes
Issue 18 Doubts about dates No
Issue 89 Dowie: a Scottish surname with Flemish Roots? Yes
Issue 97 Dr Andrew Marshall and 'Voluntaryism': a significant threat to the National Church Yes
Issue 71 Dr Sylvia Clark (1920-2007) – an appreciation No
Issue 45 Drummond’s Agricultural Museum and 19th century improvement Yes
Issue 78 Drymen Bridge's 18th-century master mason, John Brown Yes
Issue 69 Drymen – bygone days of a village No
Issue 07 Duchess Anne and her tenants, 1651-1716 No
Issue 105 Dumbarton and the 1820 Rising No
Issue 66 Dunbartonshire – Mountblow area Yes
Issue 62 Dunblane – Jacobite landowners, the Church and the local community Yes
Issue 40 Dunblane – morality, religion and the community in the 18th century Yes
Issue 46 Dunblane – wealth, poverty and status 300 years ago Yes
Issue 88 Duncan Kennedy: from Gaelic poet to Glasgow Accountant Yes
Issue 20 Dundee – birth brieves, bonds of caution and burial registers No
Issue 61 Dundee – rise and fall of the glass works Yes
Issue 67 Dunfermline Burgh Survey – community project No
Issue 27 Dunfermline Linen – rise and fall No
Issue 72 Dunfermline Prison No
Issue 73 Dunfermline – violence on its streets in 1840s Yes
Issue 85 Dunfermline's Oldest Inhabited House Yes
Issue 52 Dunfermline’s Heritage Attractions Yes
Issue 57 Dunfermline’s Victorian Antiquary, Ebenezer Henderson Yes
Issue 47 Dunlop and McClymont – water-powered sawmills on the Girvan No
Issue 46 Dunnichen – battle: whose name? Yes
Issue 33 Dunrobin – food and drink No
Issue 118 Eaglesfield, Middlebie Parish, Dumfriesshire: from Legend to Literacy Yes
Issue 35 Early textile industry/planned villages in the Endrick Valley No
Issue 67 East Fife’s open-air swimming pools – safe places for dooking No
Issue 71 East Linton lairds – James Balfour and Sir George Buchan Hepburn No
Issue 64 East Lothian – Samuel Brown and Itinerating Libraries Yes
Issue 58 East Lothian – Seaside Holidays No
Issue 95 Echoes in the Garden: the last days of Granton Castle Yes
Issue 106 Edinburgh as seen though Phillimore's Picture Postcards: review article Yes
Issue 26 Edinburgh oral memories in the People’s Story Museum Yes
Issue 110 Edinburgh Prepares for an Epidemic in 1831-2 Yes
Issue 51 Edinburgh – Colonies’ interiors Yes
Issue 29 Edinburgh – Commissary Court consistorial records No
Issue 64 Edinburgh – early 19th century development of the Old Town Yes
Issue 64 Edinburgh – foundation of the Royal College of Surgeons Yes
Issue 36 Edinburgh – in the ’45 No
Issue 50 Edinburgh – oral memories in the People’s Story Museum Yes
Issue 13 Edinburgh – People’s Story Museum No
Issue 21 Edinburgh – People’s Story Museum as a resource for schools Yes
Issue 33 Edinburgh – ‘bad housekeeping’ in the 18th century No
Issue 71 Edinburgh's Broughton Court No
Issue 75 Edinburgh's surviving horse-drawn tramcar Yes
Issue 103 Eighteenth Century 'Supermarkets' in Ayr and Maybole Yes
Issue 66 Ellis, Alexander, Architect of Aberdeen, 1830-1917 Yes
Issue 52 Emigrants’ letters project launched Yes
Issue 65 Emigrant’s letter from early Victorian Victoria Yes
Issue 68 Emigrant’s letter from Grant County, Minnesota Yes
Issue 98 Emigration to the 'Argyll Colony' in North Carolina: Antrim flaxseed traders and government obstruction Yes
Issue 56 Emigration – from 19th century Scotland to Eastern Australia Yes
Issue 59 Emigration – from Scotland to Canada Yes
Issue 79 Emigration – James Fergus's letters from the Colorado gold fields, 1860-61 Yes
Issue 59 Emigration – of Scottish children to Canada and Australia, 1870-1930 Yes
Issue 79 Emigration – Thomas Crawford's letter from New Zealand, 1863 Yes
Issue 15 Empire Exhibition, Glasgow, 1938 No
Issue 87 Encounters Beyond Explanation: a Loch Lomond Mystery Yes
Issue 63 Endrick Railway Viaduct Yes
Issue 100 Environmental and Local History: a natural partnership Yes
Issue 19 Episcopal Church in Scotland – records No
Issue 80 Establishment of Victorian Woollen Mills in Peebles No
Issue 57 Estate plans as local history sources Yes
Issue 74 Ethnology – compendium of Scottish ethnology Yes
Issue 40 European Ethnological Research Centre Yes
Issue 107 Every Picture tells a Story Yes
Issue 105 Every Picture Tells a Story No
Issue 110 Every Picture tells a Story Yes
Issue 104 Every Picture Tells a Story Yes
Issue 103 Every Picture Tells a Story Yes
Issue 109 Every Picture tells a Story Yes
Issue 102 Every Picture Tells a Story No
Issue 108 Every Picture Tells a Story 1 - Community Life in Rural Scotland 2020 No
Issue 108 Every Picture Tells a Story 2 - Findochty, Banffshire c. 1905 and c. 1955 No
Issue 108 Every Picture Tells a Story 3 - Kirkcaldy Post Office Workers? No
Issue 39 Evolution of Scottish local authority archives, 1960-1990 No
Issue 87 Ex-President Grant's Visit to Scotland in 1877 Yes
Issue 46 Exploring Scottish History – new edition Yes
Issue 19 Eyemouth – history No
Issue 18 Eyemouth – history No
Issue 74 Fair Isle families Yes
Issue 48 Falkirk Museums – behind the scenes Yes
Issue 29 Falkirk – baron court records No
Issue 45 Falkirk – ironfounding and growth Yes
Issue 31 Farm buildings in Scotland No
Issue 34 Farm buildings in Scotland – source list for research No
Issue 32 Farmer’s notebook – 1820s and 1830s Yes
Issue 92 Feeing Time: Farm Service in West Central Scotland Yes
Issue 67 Ferguslie Mill’s Voluntary Aid Detachment 1914-1918 No
Issue 54 Fife Council Archive Centre Yes
Issue 65 Fife Council Archive Centre Yes
Issue 47 Fife Water Mill – from corn to coal No
Issue 30 Fifes of Fairlie Yes
Issue 69 Financial management and local history No
Issue 67 Fisherrow – a wee bit of its story No
Issue 26 Fishertouns – oral history Yes
Issue 05 Fishing communities in Scotland No
Issue 77 Flanders Moss (East) – myths and evidence Yes
Issue 102 Fords, Ferries and Fiasco: the Tweed crossing at Melrose No
Issue 54 Forfarshire Sheriff Court Records, 18th century Yes
Issue 20 Forming a local history society at Colinton No
Issue 55 Forres School Board and its rector, 1880s Yes
Issue 70 Forth & Clyde Canal – shipbuilding at Glasgow Yes
Issue 60 Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian Yes
Issue 67 Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian No
Issue 100 From Banff to Beechworth, Victoria: George Campbell Smith (1804-68), land surveyor Yes
Issue 85 From Gasstown to Lossiemouth: new communities created by town and guildry incorporations Yes
Issue 67 Garscadden House and the Lairds of Garscadden No
Issue 75 Garscadden Village's death knell Yes
Issue 82 Gartsherrie Inn: the First Railway-owned Refreshment Facility Yes
Issue 83 Gavin Dunbar: nobleman, statesman, catholic bishop and philanthropist Yes
Issue 19 Genealogies for local historians No
Issue 89 George McCulloch: a forgotten Port Glasgow shipbuilder Yes
Issue 28 George Washington Wilson – a centenary reappraisal No
Issue 117 George Young and the Construction of Strelitz, Perthshire, 1763-1766 Yes
Issue 108 Georgetown Girls: a history of the Scottish Shell Filling Factory 1915-18 No
Issue 117 Giffnock Sandstone: the Forgotten Story Yes
Issue 76 Gigha's Achamore Gardens Yes
Issue 53 Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society, 1977-2001 Yes
Issue 72 Glasgow and the American Wild West No
Issue 45 Glasgow Fair – the hail week Yes
Issue 89 Glasgow Museums Donor Research Group Yes
Issue 62 Glasgow Museums Resource Centre Yes
Issue 38 Glasgow – house factoring No
Issue 59 Glasgow – Police Museum Yes
Issue 31 Glasgow – Springburn images No
Issue 76 Glasgow's licensed trade, 1900-1930 Yes
Issue 74 Glasgow's Malt Tax Riot, 1725 Yes
Issue 84 Glasgow's Riverside Museum: a Review Yes
Issue 33 Glenesk – two 19th century day labourers’ day-books No
Issue 64 Goad Fire Insurance Plans – ‘Distilleries, Docks and Dormitories’ Yes
Issue 91 Gold Dust and Gunpowder; an Orcadian trader in West Africa Yes
Issue 07 Golspie – village beginnings No
Issue 87 Govan Poorhouses Yes
Issue 52 Grantown Yes
Issue 53 Grantown Society, 1974-2001 Yes
Issue 26 Grave thoughts from abroad Yes
Issue 33 Graveyards – a gravely urgent matter No
Issue 22 Graveyards – miscellany No
Issue 22 Graveyards – regional designs in monumental carvings No
Issue 50 Graveyards – regional designs in monumental carvings Yes
Issue 61 Great Dumbarton Muir Tryst Yes
Issue 23 Green men on Scottish gravestones No
Issue 24 Green men on Scottish gravestones No
Issue 59 Grouse shooting’s darker side Yes
Issue 53 Gullane Yes
Issue 42 Gullane Golf – green, greenkeeping and greenkeepers Yes
Issue 32 Hamilton of Finnart – a Scottish Renaissance Icarus Yes
Issue 17 Handloom weaving shops No
Issue 99 Hawick Hut Week, November 1918 Yes
Issue 54 Hawick’s first historian, Robert Wilson Yes
Issue 94 Hercules Ross of Rossie and Jamaica Yes
Issue 33 Heritage Education – its purpose and value No
Issue 63 Heritage Lottery Fund – grants available for local history Yes
Issue 34 Heritage on the brain No
Issue 73 Highland cattle galore Yes
Issue 76 Highland drovers' legacy Yes
Issue 53 Highland Heritage Association formed Yes
Issue 63 Highland History & Culture: Am Baile Yes
Issue 43 Highland military recruitment: social and economic dimensions, 1746-1815 No
Issue 59 Highland school log books Yes
Issue 74 Highland ‘Watch’ and Duncan Roy Campbell Yes
Issue 64 Highlands – Hydro-Electricity and alternative energy, early 20th century Yes
Issue 03 Historical records for the study of climate No
Issue 22 History in graveyards No
Issue 06 History through the novel No
Issue 28 Home and family – sources No
Issue 89 Hopeman, Moray: houses, harbours and holidays Yes
Issue 63 Horseman’s Word – the Secret Society of Horsemen Yes
Issue 84 Hospital at Corrour Old Lodge?: facts, possibilities and myths Yes
Issue 30 House history Yes
Issue 50 House history Yes
Issue 94 How the Banffshire Coast (eventually) got its railway Yes
Issue 36 How to access the Scottish Admiralty records No
Issue 48 How to trace the history of your house Yes
Issue 28 Hudson’s Bay men from Orkney No
Issue 17 Hugh Elliot and Robert Liston – Scottish diplomats No
Issue 57 Hydros in Scotland and their literature Yes
Issue 07 I F Grant Memorial library No
Issue 25 In newly released Scottish Office files No
Issue 96 In the Footsteps of Duncan Ban: Deer Hunting and Song in the Southern Highlands Yes
Issue 23 Industrial archaeology and the local historian – written sources No
Issue 23 Industrial archaeology in the countryside No
Issue 27 Industrial past – some problems of preservation and presentation No
Issue 52 Interiors of Scottish houses Yes
Issue 10 International Exhibition, 1886: reconstructed old street No
Issue 63 Intriguing case of the Kilbride Stone Yes
Issue 71 Inverness architect, Dr Alexander Ross No
Issue 57 Inverness through the ages Yes
Issue 30 Inverness – local history Yes
Issue 44 Inverness – the construction of Union Street, 1863-65 Yes
Issue 26 Iona – living memory of a crofting community Yes
Issue 55 Iona – social and economic change, 1790-1840 Yes
Issue 78 Jacobite John Dunbar's letters from Virginia Yes
Issue 36 Jacobite rebellions – royal refuges of the Forty-five No
Issue 36 Jacobite rebellions – Sutherland in the ’45 No
Issue 36 Jacobites in Stirling No
Issue 54 Jam jar admission to early Scottish cinemas Yes
Issue 84 James Burns & Son of St Andrews: an eighteenth century business bankruptcy Yes
Issue 85 James Macbeth of Glasgow: an abolitionist who was framed? Yes
Issue 63 James Simpson: a Fife heritage story told in drama Yes
Issue 106 James Wilson and the Strathaven Radicals Yes
Issue 72 John Bell of Antermony, and Russia No
Issue 86 John Bell: 250 Years of Travels from St Petersburg Yes
Issue 99 John Keppie, Architect Yes
Issue 81 John McFarlan of Ballencleroch: a man who couldn't be bought No
Issue 28 John Slezer and 17th century Scotland No
Issue 90 John Wilson: an Emigrant from Dumfriesshire to Illinois in 1844 Yes
Issue 55 Kelvinside flint milling Yes
Issue 78 Kelvinside Racecourse Yes
Issue 16 Kilmarnock & Troon Railway – 175th anniversary No
Issue 74 Kilmarnock: water wheels at Wards Yes
Issue 44 Kilmartin House – giving the future a past Yes
Issue 58 Kincardineshire’s turnpike roads No
Issue 46 Kinfauns bastardy case – born too soon Yes
Issue 76 Kingussie and Badenoch – old photographs Yes
Issue 58 Kintyre Antiquarian & Natural History Society No
Issue 77 Kirk session minutes as local history sources Yes
Issue 12 Kirk session registers – historical use No
Issue 27 Kirkcaldy – floorcloth and linoleum industry No
Issue 66 Kirkmichael Parish and the planned village of Tomintoul, 1776-1847 Yes
Issue 20 Lady Gordon Cathcart, 1844-1932 No
Issue 115 Landscapes and the Battle of Stirling Bridge Yes
Issue 49 Lassodie – the village that died Yes
Issue 22 Lasswade – gravestones and local history No
Issue 91 Last of the Line: the twilight years of private land surveying in Moray Yes
Issue 90 Last Train to Aberfoyle: Myth and Mystery Yes
Issue 99 Late Eighteenth Century 'Right to Roam' and 'Right of Way': John Glassford versus local residents of South West Stirlingshire Yes
Issue 18 Lauderdale – Kedslie family in Poland No
Issue 11 Launching into local history No
Issue 25 Lawn tennis in Scotland – origins and development, c1875-1914 No
Issue 35 Leadhills and Wanlockhead – crofters No
Issue 24 Leadhills library: a source for local history No
Issue 27 Leadhills – miners in the small debt court No
Issue 16 Leadhills – miners’ holidays No
Issue 37 Leadhills – religion at the lead mines Yes
Issue 18 Leighton Library, Dunblane No
Issue 49 Leighton Library: Scotland’s oldest borrowing register? Yes
Issue 85 Leith for the Holidays and Health-Cures Yes
Issue 52 Leith’s first wet docks Yes
Issue 75 Leith’s medieval transformation Yes
Issue 90 Letters from the Bell Brothers: Scottish Surgeons in the Slave Trade Yes
Issue 70 Letters Home: a Scotsman’s link with his kin Yes
Issue 57 Library history in Scotland Yes
Issue 97 Life in the Day of a Bedesman Yes
Issue 58 Lime industry in 18th century Scotland No
Issue 28 Limekilns in Charleston Planned Village No
Issue 77 Lion Foundry, Kirkintilloch Yes
Issue 02 List of Printed Books which Local Historians find useful No
Issue 19 Livingston in the 17th century No
Issue 28 Livingston Mill Farm – restoration and development No
Issue 78 Local and regional history at the Open University Yes
Issue 80 Local contributions to Scotland's national history No
Issue 96 Local History and the Nation: Commemorating Robert Burns, 1859-1914 Yes
Issue 100 Local History from the Air: an aerial photographer's experiences Yes
Issue 53 Local history library required Yes
Issue 74 Local history societies – and ‘Scottish Life and Society’ Yes
Issue 21 Local history societies – of the Upper Forth Yes
Issue 06 Local history through literature No
Issue 67 Local history – a Society’s research and publishing programme No
Issue 21 Local history – computers and local history Yes
Issue 54 Local history – digitising our past for our future Yes
Issue 38 Local history – field officers and the Forum No
Issue 43 Local history – in 19th and 20th century Scotland, in the military context No
Issue 43 Local history – in England ‘A Pale Reflection’ No
Issue 30 Local history – in Europe: Norway Yes
Issue 27 Local history – in newly released Scottish Office files No
Issue 20 Local history – in newly released Scottish Office files No
Issue 23 Local history – in newly released Scottish Office files No
Issue 30 Local history – in newly released Scottish Office files Yes
Issue 42 Local history – in newly released Scottish Office files Yes
Issue 49 Local history – in the 5-14 curriculum Yes
Issue 63 Local history – learning and teaching Yes
Issue 43 Local history – make your own lecture slides No
Issue 16 Local history – research in Scotland No
Issue 14 Local history – sources in Ireland No
Issue 50 Local history – ‘chain, place, purpose’ Yes
Issue 14 Local publications – content and cash flow No
Issue 33 Local studies and Scottish education history No
Issue 09 Local studies in a new town No
Issue 62 Loch Lomond – protest at the pier Yes
Issue 68 Lochmaben Primary School – ‘a guid wee schule’ Yes
Issue 64 Lochmaben – Sequestration of a Royal Burgh Yes
Issue 59 Lochmaben’s buildings, 1612-1721 Yes
Issue 56 Lochmaben’s Council and Court Book, 1612-1721 Yes
Issue 28 Lochwinnoch – 18th and 19th century improvements at Castle Semple No
Issue 73 Lockerbie Academy Yes
Issue 108 Logie Council Housing Scheme, Dundee No
Issue 02 Looking Ahead - Conferences on Scottish Newspapers and Local History No
Issue 87 Looking Back to Move Forward: Slavery and the Highlands Yes
Issue 101 Looking to the Future: War Memorial Halls and Institutes Yes
Issue 33 Lord Henry Sinclair – rental of Orkney in 1492 No
Issue 33 Lord Henry Sinclair’s rental of Orkney in 1492 No
Issue 83 Lord Seaforth as a Slave Owner in Berbice Yes
Issue 13 Lothian training scheme for tutors No
Issue 83 Lowland Roads and Bridges: sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (to 1706) Yes
Issue 65 MacArthur, J S, Ltd – a controversial commercial enterprise Yes
Issue 97 Maggie Murdoch's Sweethearts: farming life in nineteenth century Ayrshire Yes
Issue 116 Major Thomas Hart of the Honourable East India Company Yes
Issue 61 Map websites for local history Yes
Issue 81 Mapping the Past: new tools and future directions for local history No
Issue 104 Maps for Scottish Local History - an Overview Yes
Issue 105 Maps for Scottish Local History - principal free online services No
Issue 54 Maps – Project Pont Yes
Issue 17 Marriage customs in the fishing town of Eyemouth No
Issue 24 Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin No
Issue 61 Maybole – Christian tradition in the parish Yes
Issue 53 McKellar’s steamer services to Largs, 1813-1890 Yes
Issue 54 Melrose Abbey Yes
Issue 79 Melrose – dispute with the Rev Frederick Maclagan Yes
Issue 51 Mid-Scotland Association of Local Heritage Societies Yes
Issue 79 Milestones in Scotland Yes
Issue 43 Military museums and local history No
Issue 18 Military service by Scots abroad in the Middle Ages No
Issue 58 Millport and the Cumbraes in old photographs No
Issue 26 Miners, moonshiners and mischief galore – Scottish mining Yes
Issue 13 Minor place-names in Scotland No
Issue 18 Mitchell Library, Glasgow No
Issue 05 Monastic communities in Scotland No
Issue 56 Moray Archives – popular verse in the Archives Yes
Issue 53 Museum of Scotland International Yes
Issue 58 Museum of Scottish Country Life, East Kilbride No
Issue 65 Napoleon’s Men in Scotland Yes
Issue 42 National Burials Indexing Project Yes
Issue 90 National Industry, Local Business: the Work of the Scottish Printing Archival Trust Yes
Issue 17 National Library of Scotland Map Room No
Issue 13 National Monuments Record of Scotland No
Issue 40 National Monuments Record of Scotland – using new technology to access the past Yes
Issue 17 National Register of Archives (Scotland) No
Issue 65 Neil Munro, Inveraray and Para Handy Yes
Issue 68 Neolithic Woodland – submerged in Loch Tay Yes
Issue 33 New Lanark – heritage No
Issue 10 New Lanark – oral history No
Issue 40 New Register House – index retrieval system Yes
Issue 33 Newbattle – Camp Meg revisited No
Issue 31 Newhaven Heritage Museum No
Issue 79 Newmilns Anti-Slavery Society and John Brooks Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: 'Fragment Found' No
Issue 110 News Feature: 'Local History after the Pandemic: some thoughts for the future' Yes
Issue 114 News Feature: 'Scottish Insurrection of 1820' Symposium Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: 'Seeing the Wood for the Trees' - SLHF Conference 2019 No
Issue 114 News Feature: 'Sincerely Valentines' Exhibition Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: 'Tying the Knot in Tier 4': with a Scots-American historical link Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: 1820 Society - Bicentenary Programme No
Issue 118 News Feature: A Forgotten Archive (North British Railway) Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: A Marriage of Close Neighbours - Torrance & Baldernock Heritage & History Group Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: A8 Milestones - New Commemoration No
Issue 105 News Feature: Banffshire Field Club No
Issue 106 News Feature: Bathgate Memorial Prize Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: Bathgate Remembers Yes
Issue 107 News Feature: Bobby Grierson, Chair of CumnockHistory Group (1955-2020) Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: British Association for Local History Award for SLH Article 'Georgetown Girls: a history of the Scottish shell filling factory 1915-18' Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: CanalCraft Project Review No
Issue 112 News Feature: Carrick History Society Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: Carrick Place-names Project Yes
Issue 115 News Feature: Census of 1921 Yes
Issue 116 News Feature: Charity Shell at Aberdeen Station Yes
Issue 107 News Feature: Closure of Dollar Golf Club Yes
Issue 106 News Feature: Commemorating Thomas Muir - Past, Present and Future Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: Dalzell Steel Works No
Issue 106 News Feature: David Livingstone Birthplace Project Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: Declaration of Arbroath 1320 - Display at Arbroath Station Yes
Issue 107 News Feature: Demolition of Longannet Power Station Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: Dr Douglas Lockhart's Contribution to SLHF No
Issue 115 News Feature: Dundee Walking Trail - 'Breaking the Chains' Yes
Issue 104 News Feature: Forth and Clyde Canal Walk and Talk Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: From Tranent to Cockenzie - Scotland's Very First Railway No
Issue 118 News Feature: Future of Antonine Wall Yes
Issue 118 News Feature: German Aircraft Crash in Stirlingshire during World War II Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: Glasgow Mural of Thomas Muir Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: Glenlochard - a Physically Distanced Local History Group Meeting No
Issue 111 News Feature: Graeme Cruickshank and SLHF No
Issue 108 News Feature: Henry Dundas and David Hume No
Issue 107 News Feature: Ian MacDougall, Historian (1933-2020) Yes
Issue 110 News Feature: Iconography of the Melville Monument Yes
Issue 110 News Feature: John Harrison's BALH Award Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: John Mitchell (1934-2019) - from Musician to Natural Historian No
Issue 111 News Feature: John Reid, Local Historian No
Issue 111 News Feature: Killearn Heritage Trail No
Issue 116 News Feature: Killearn Hospital Yes
Issue 114 News Feature: Kinneil House - SLHF Visit Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: Leamington Lift Bridge No
Issue 105 News Feature: Loanhead 350 No
Issue 104 News Feature: Loch Ard Local History Group: History in the Forest Yes
Issue 104 News Feature: Loch Katrine Pipeline - Recovered Images Yes
Issue 106 News Feature: Memoralisation of Armed Forces Deaths, 1922-1939 Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: Murrayfield Sculptors' Memorial Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: Murrayfield-Pilton Railway Path - Interpretive Panels Yes
Issue 114 News Feature: Museum of Scottish Railways, Bo'ness - SLHF Visit Yes
Issue 106 News Feature: New Cinema, Motherwell Yes
Issue 106 News Feature: New Research Grant - 'Away from the water' Yes
Issue 115 News Feature: Pictish Stone at Old Kilmadock Yes
Issue 104 News Feature: Queensferry History Group - World War 1 Display Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: Recent Red Wheel Commemoration No
Issue 117 News Feature: Recent Red Wheel Unveilings in Edinburgh Yes
Issue 110 News Feature: Red Wheel for Alloa Waggonway Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: Red Wheel for the 'Floating Railway' Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: Red Wheel Update Yes
Issue 115 News Feature: Red Wheel Update Yes
Issue 112 News Feature: Red Wheel Update Yes
Issue 110 News Feature: Remembering the Martyrs of Bonnymuir Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: Reopening of Kintore Railway Station No
Issue 110 News Feature: Roseburn Park Walking Guide Yes
Issue 115 News Feature: Scotland's Churches Trust - Church Recording Project Yes
Issue 112 News Feature: Scotland's First Public Railway? Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: Scottish Local History Forum AGM 2019 No
Issue 111 News Feature: Scottish Local History Forum AGM 2021 No
Issue 114 News Feature: Scottish Local History Forum AGM 2022 Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: Scottish Local History Forum AGM, 2020 No
Issue 112 News Feature: Scottish Norwegian Connection Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: Self-Guided Walking Tour of Coltbridge and Roseburn No
Issue 111 News Feature: Sheena Margaret Andrew (1941-2021) No
Issue 117 News Feature: SLHF AGM 2023 Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: SLHF Annual Conference (Online): 'Scottish Sports and Pastimes', 10-11 November 2021 No
Issue 116 News Feature: SLHF Annual Conference - 'Engineering, Science & Technology' Yes
Issue 110 News Feature: SLHF Online Mini-Conference 'Scotland's Involvement in Slavery - the Local View' 28-29 April 2021 Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: SLHF Walk & Talk in Dundee, 30 August 2023 Yes
Issue 107 News Feature: SLHF Walk, Talk & Canal Cruise in Edinburgh, June 2019 Yes
Issue 113 News Feature: SLHFs Mini-Conference 'Scotland and Opposition to Slavery' Yes
Issue 111 News Feature: Stirling Update No
Issue 109 News Feature: Strathard Heritage Digital Archive Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: The Book of Here and There Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: The Bowline, West Dunbarrtonshire Yes
Issue 116 News Feature: The Churchill Barriers, Orkney Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: The Crinan and Caledonian Canals Yes
Issue 116 News Feature: The Denny Tank, Dumbarton Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: The Future of Edinburgh's Memorials Yes
Issue 108 News Feature: The Late Iain Sutherland MBE, Historian of Wick No
Issue 112 News Feature: The Late Professor Ted Cowan Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: The Pilrig Muddle Yes
Issue 118 News Feature: The Truckell Prize Yes
Issue 117 News Feature: Thomas Muir and John MacLean Yes
Issue 118 News Feature: Train-shed Formerly at Haymarket Station, now at Bo'ness Yes
Issue 105 News Feature: Transport History - First 'Red Wheels' in Scotland No
Issue 112 News Feature: University of Glasgow/Friends of Thomas Muir Yes
Issue 115 News Feature: William F Hendrie - Historian of West Lothian Yes
Issue 109 News Feature: Wishaw Cinemas Yes
Issue 50 Newspapers - access and preservation in Scotland Yes
Issue 28 Newspapers – access and preservation in Scotland No
Issue 09 Newspapers – microfilming programme: Scotland No
Issue 28 Newspapers – reporting the wider world in 19th century Scotland No
Issue 28 Newspapers – sources for historical research, c1800 No
Issue 04 Newspapers – value for historical research No
Issue 17 Niddry Castle – recent developments: Part 1 No
Issue 19 Niddry Castle – recent developments: Part 2 No
Issue 55 NLS as Local History Library Yes
Issue 94 No Ordinary Man: Dr John Roebuck of Bo'ness Yes
Issue 18 North Carolina colonial records project No
Issue 88 Norway's Hut Traditions and the Curse of the Indoor Scot Yes
Issue 102 Note 1: 'A Mirthful Melodious Melange' - Andre Letta 1880-1957 No
Issue 113 Note 1: 'A Near Thing' - bullet from the German Air Raid on Aberdeen 1943 Yes
Issue 96 Note 1: Auld Ringan Oliver Yes
Issue 101 Note 1: Auldcathie Yes
Issue 107 Note 1: Bothlin Burn Yes
Issue 94 Note 1: Communicating Local History: Glasgow, Scotland and African Slavery Yes
Issue 103 Note 1: John Philip Wood (d. 1838) and the Education of Deaf Children Yes
Issue 116 Note 1: Kirkmichael Inventories Yes
Issue 95 Note 1: Raids on an Illicit Distillery near Glasgow Yes
Issue 108 Note 1: Sanna Mission Hall 2020 No
Issue 98 Note 1: Scotland's Red Cross Week, 2-8 July 1917 Yes
Issue 105 Note 1: Searching for Gardynebourg No
Issue 117 Note 1: The 1820 Rising - Recent Discoveries Yes
Issue 112 Note 1: The Collessie Pict Rediscovered Yes
Issue 97 Note 1: The Colonel and his Favourite Horse Yes
Issue 118 Note 1: The Debtors' Sanctuary, Holyrood Yes
Issue 99 Note 1: Thomas Legerwood Lately, an outstanding church musician Yes
Issue 115 Note 1: West of Scotland Football Club and its Archives Yes
Issue 115 Note 2: 'Murder in Tinwald' - Supplementary Information Yes
Issue 94 Note 2: 'There's more to Kinerras than meets the eye' Yes
Issue 117 Note 2: Aberdeen University Union in the Forties Yes
Issue 112 Note 2: Cowie Bros & Co of Glasgow and their export pottery to Burmah Yes
Issue 107 Note 2: Dr James Niven and 'Spanish Flu' Yes
Issue 98 Note 2: Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway Mileposts Yes
Issue 113 Note 2: From 'Dynamite Cottage' to 'Death Row' - Dennyloanhead Yes
Issue 96 Note 2: Gordon Castle Fete, 6 September 1916 Yes
Issue 103 Note 2: Ha-has at Murdock Country Park and Dougalston Estate Yes
Issue 102 Note 2: Lime Clamp Kilns in Upper Bannock Burn, Stirling No
Issue 101 Note 2: London to Aberdeen in Thirty-Six Hours Yes
Issue 99 Note 2: New Finds on the Site of the Ellangowan Paper Mill Yes
Issue 95 Note 2: OS Name Book solves a Local History puzzle - Jaw Mill and Bardowie Loch Yes
Issue 97 Note 2: Robert Ray's Plan of Elgin, 1838 Yes
Issue 108 Note 2: Royston's Way No
Issue 105 Note 2: Singleton's Ointment Pot - made in Scotland No
Issue 118 Note 2: The Threat to Ramsay MacDonald's Vision Yes
Issue 116 Note 2: The True Rhubarb and John Bell of Antermony Yes
Issue 113 Note 3: A Tale of Two Mineshafts Yes
Issue 96 Note 3: Alexander Bain's Emmy Award Yes
Issue 108 Note 3: Edinburgh Murals by Phoebe Anna Traquair No
Issue 112 Note 3: Henry Dundas: New Plaque Yes
Issue 94 Note 3: Inverury to Inverurie, 20 April 1866 Yes
Issue 99 Note 3: Stone Sleepers of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway Yes
Issue 107 Note 3: Strathlene House, Swimming Pool and Golf Club, Portessie Yes
Issue 97 Note 3: The 'Broomielaw' Name (Glasgow) Yes
Issue 95 Note 3: Thinking with Scotland's Places - remember Hansel and Gretel? Yes
Issue 102 Note 3: War Memorial Buildings: additions and a correction No
Issue 102 Note 4: A Land Fit for Heroes? No
Issue 95 Note 4: Raising a Smile in the Archives Yes
Issue 107 Note 4: The Fairlie Sisters, Glasgow Milliners Yes
Issue 99 Note 4: The Paragon Works, Dundas Estate, Queensferry Yes
Issue 94 Note 4: Tollcross Burn Yes
Issue 108 Note 4: Union Terrace Gardens and Aberdeen's first phone box No
Issue 113 Note 4: Using LiDAR for Local History Yes
Issue 112 Note 4: War Memorial Nurses' Homes and Cottage Hospitals Yes
Issue 95 Note 5: 'Not the Three Graces' Yes
Issue 99 Note 5: 'The Ecstasy of Great Speed!' In search of J Steel - a snapshot of Scottish motor cycling in 1913-14 Yes
Issue 112 Note 5: Old Kilmadock Yes
Issue 108 Note 5: Pilkington Jackson Panels on Lothian House No
Issue 108 Note 6: 'All the "rigs" are into big fields now' No
Issue 95 Note 6: FA MacDonald Plans Collection, University of Aberdeen Yes
Issue 84 Note: Goldsworthy Gurney’s Steam Road Carriage In Scotland Yes
Issue 82 Note: How Many People Died in the Tay Bridge Disaster? Yes
Issue 93 Note: Last Train from Glasgow Buchanan Street To Oban, 26-27 September 1965 Yes
Issue 84 Note: The Flemish People in Scotland: information urgently sought Yes
Issue 82 Note: The Last Wolf in Scotland Yes
Issue 81 Note: The Last Wolf in Scotland No
Issue 111 Note: Thomas Garvine of Ayr: prescribing rhubarb as medicine No
Issue 93 Note: Tomato Plants at Ellenspark Nursery, Drumchapel Yes
Issue 93 Note: William Jameson of Portobello Yes
Issue 84 Note: ‘There Was a Soldier – a Polish Soldier’: tracking Jan Wagner Yes
Issue 93 Notes & Queries Yes
Issue 19 Numismatics and the historian in Scotland No
Issue 54 Oban Times and Highland land agitation, 1877–1881 Yes
Issue 40 Objects, sport and local history Yes
Issue 75 Old Edinburgh Club's founder, William J Hay Yes
Issue 57 Old Maryhill Annual Dinners Yes
Issue 61 Operation Pluto – an Inverness contribution to the Normandy Landings Yes
Issue 54 Oral history and local history Yes
Issue 50 Oral history – collecting and using oral memory ( Yes
Issue 50 Oral history – Edinburgh oral memories in the People’s Story Museum Yes
Issue 08 Oral history – exploring living memory No
Issue 53 Oral Social History in the Edinburgh Area Yes
Issue 30 Orkney and Shetland – abortive invasion attempt in 1803-4, Part 1 Yes
Issue 31 Orkney and Shetland – abortive invasion attempt in 1803-4, Part 2 No
Issue 108 Orkney and Slavery: 'I have at present 36 negroes, besides stock ...' No
Issue 53 Orkney Library, founded 1683: oldest in Scotland Yes
Issue 22 Overton Cemetery, Tulliallan: restored No
Issue 05 Paisley – a textile community No
Issue 27 Paisley – disappearance of the weaving trade No
Issue 17 Parish school buildings of Upper Clydesdale, 1872-1975 No
Issue 112 Paul Bishop, Late Chair of the Forum Yes
Issue 85 Peebles before the Railway: town and parish before 1855 Yes
Issue 78 Peebles Railway and John Bathgate Yes
Issue 77 Peebles – the advent of tourism Yes
Issue 17 People’s Palace Museum, Glasgow No
Issue 55 Perth in the early 19th century Yes
Issue 30 Peterhead’s whaling years Yes
Issue 73 Pettigrew, James Bell - professor at St Andrews Yes
Issue 20 Photographs and local history No
Issue 31 Photographs for local history No
Issue 18 Photography – George Washington Wilson No
Issue 28 Photography – George Washington Wilson No
Issue 35 Pictish Arts Society No
Issue 42 Piper’s craft and piper’s croft – ancestry of the bagpipe in Scotland Yes
Issue 56 Place-names and local history Yes
Issue 39 Planned villages – a review of sources No
Issue 39 Planning and building records No
Issue 58 Plough from Saline, Fife ‘The Barrowman plough’ No
Issue 22 Pollokshields – Glasgow suburban history No
Issue 84 Poor Law and its Impact on Wemyss Parish Yes
Issue 22 Population studies and gravestones: the missing link? No
Issue 22 Portobello glass bottle makers No
Issue 64 Portobello photo trail Yes
Issue 78 Portobello's first hundred years as a seaside resort Yes
Issue 68 Portobello’s pottery at war Yes
Issue 18 Postcard messages from a bygone era No
Issue 56 Poverty and the poor law in Bathgate, 16th-20th centuries Yes
Issue 05 Prehistoric and early Christian communities in Scotland No
Issue 30 Preserving Scotland’s maritime heritage Yes
Issue 68 Press freedom in the 1790s – the case of Walter Berry Yes
Issue 09 Printed ephemera in the National Library of Scotland (NLS) No
Issue 74 Printing in Scotland – 500 years Yes
Issue 113 Problems of Philanthropy at Pollock Park, Glasgow 1922-1955 Yes
Issue 05 Professor Eric Forbes – obituary No
Issue 06 Publishing No
Issue 33 Publishing Scottish local history No
Issue 29 Punishments in old Scottish burghs No
Issue 16 Queen Mary in Jedburgh, October-November 1566 No
Issue 103 Query 1: Was Baltersan a post-Reformation Catholic House? Yes
Issue 103 Query 2: Where did the Scarborough 'Scotch Fisher Girls' come from? Yes
Issue 81 Query: A Deeside Revolutionary Movement, 1789 No
Issue 107 Query: The Kynochs of Keith - Some Lockdown Luck! Yes
Issue 25 Quoits – the old game No
Issue 105 Radical Kilsyth in 1820 No
Issue 29 Radical rising in Renfrewshire, 1820 No
Issue 35 Radical rising of 1820 No
Issue 21 Railway records in the SRO Yes
Issue 106 Raising the Fallen Women: The Edinburgh Magdalene Asylum Yes
Issue 90 Rapid Prototyping on Wikipedia: Writing Local History Articles Yes
Issue 44 RCAHMS and the Defence of Britain project Yes
Issue 16 Recording of graveyards and gravestones in Scotland No
Issue 79 Redcastle Quarry in the Black Isle Yes
Issue 81 Regent Bridge and the Opening Up of Calton Hill, Edinburgh No
Issue 50 Regional designs in monumental carvings Yes
Issue 57 Renfrewshire maps Yes
Issue 34 Researching abandoned farmsteads of North Ayrshire No
Issue 16 Rev James Renwick – martyred covenanter No
Issue 100 Richard Waitt (1664-1733): Portraitist to the Clan Grant Yes
Issue 90 Rita the Muse: the Origins of Japanese Whisky Yes
Issue 34 Robert Baldie – a forgotten Victorian architect No
Issue 88 Robert Dempster: a Forgotten Activist Yes
Issue 06 Robert Louis Stevenson – location in Stevenson’s fiction No
Issue 31 Robert Moyes Adam – photographs No
Issue 94 Robert the Bruce in Cumbernauld Yes
Issue 86 Robert Young and the Founding of Dallas, Moray in 1811 Yes
Issue 05 Romans in Scotland – impact No
Issue 103 Rosehearty: Mapping an Aberdeenshire Burgh, 1825-1897 Yes
Issue 76 Rosyth Garden City Yes
Issue 100 Rounding up Caribbean Pirates in Argyllshire in 1720 Yes
Issue 71 Roy's Military Map of Scotland, 1747-55 No
Issue 76 Rural buildings on Roy's Military Survey and as shown by John Watt Yes
Issue 61 Saline Photo Trail Yes
Issue 56 Saltire Society Yes
Issue 70 Samuel C Hirst, Dundee – maker of musical history Yes
Issue 55 Sasines as sources for local historians Yes
Issue 67 Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society ( No
Issue 60 School days on St Kilda and other remote areas Yes
Issue 31 Schoolmaster’s offence, 19th century No
Issue 95 Scotland and the Flemish People: an investigation into a significant medieval immigrant group Yes
Issue 27 Scotland in 1826 – Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s view ( No
Issue 34 Scotland online No
Issue 103 Scotland's First International Air Show: Lanark 6-13 August 1910 Yes
Issue 109 Scotland's First Transatlantic Crossing: the story of the William of Aberdeen, 1593-1602 Yes
Issue 79 Scotland's Places – geographical resources for local historians Yes
Issue 78 Scotland's Rural Past conference at Fort William Yes
Issue 60 Scotland’s children – the provision of care Yes
Issue 48 Scotland’s historical links with Veere Yes
Issue 52 Scots abroad – Mid-Scotland conference report Yes
Issue 42 Scots diet in the past – sheep’s heid broth and oysters Yes
Issue 28 Scots Magazine, 1739-1993 No
Issue 46 Scottish Archive Network – help for local historians Yes
Issue 41 Scottish Archive Network, SCAN Yes
Issue 66 Scottish Church Heritage Research organisation Yes
Issue 55 Scottish Council on Archives established Yes
Issue 31 Scottish Ethnological Archive and local history No
Issue 14 Scottish Film Archive No
Issue 29 Scottish Genealogy Society – 40 years endeavour No
Issue 47 Scottish graveyards No
Issue 71 Scottish indentured servants in the early colonies No
Issue 94 Scottish Involvement in Caribbean Slavery: Bibliography Yes
Issue 69 Scottish Local History Forum Constitution, 2007 No
Issue 69 Scottish Local History Forum Survey of Local History Groups: report No
Issue 50 Scottish Local History Forum – fifty newsletters and journals on Yes
Issue 16 Scottish Local History Forum – the first five years No
Issue 12 Scottish National Portrait Gallery as a source for the local historian No
Issue 33 Scottish Newspapers Microfilming Unit No
Issue 49 Scottish Newspapers Microfilming Unit update Yes
Issue 27 Scottish Record Office – catalogue searching by computer No
Issue 17 Scottish soldier here and there No
Issue 81 Scottish Trade with the Colonial Carolinas, 1683 to 1783: No
Issue 54 Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group Yes
Issue 63 SCRAN – a rich source for local history Yes
Issue 70 Scythes – the Scottish connection Yes
Issue 56 Seamen of the north, 17th century Yes
Issue 33 Searching for Dysart No
Issue 106 Secret Cold War Maps of Scottish Cities Yes
Issue 55 Sedition trials in Scotland, 1793-4 Yes
Issue 18 Selkirk’s Walter Mason Trust No
Issue 31 Setting standards in library publishing No
Issue 37 Shale oil industry at Pentland and Straiton Yes
Issue 27 Shale oil industry – decline No
Issue 65 Shetland Bus Yes
Issue 56 Shetland Documents Project Yes
Issue 55 Shetland life in old photographs Yes
Issue 16 Shetland – local history No
Issue 55 Shetland – Thomas Matthewson’s notes, c1889-90 Yes
Issue 58 Shipping Registers, Scottish, to 1850 No
Issue 110 Short Paper - Excavating a flax mill on the Luggie Water: Progress report Yes
Issue 110 Short Paper - Hunters Quay and 'The Scottish Gaudi' Yes
Issue 110 Short Paper - Speedway Racing in Scotland: Venues Yes
Issue 91 Sir William Burrell: Glasgow Corporation Councillor 1899-1906 Yes
Issue 72 Slave trade – some South West Scotland connections No
Issue 57 Slavery and Scotland Yes
Issue 106 Slavery and the Maxwells of Nether Pollok Yes
Issue 69 Slavery and the rise of the West of Scotland No
Issue 71 Slavery related letters between Paxton and Grenada No
Issue 72 Slavery – Anti-Slave Trade tour of William Dickson, 1792 No
Issue 72 Slavery – Glasgow University and its abolition No
Issue 76 Slaving station letters Yes
Issue 82 SLHF Chairman's Report Yes
Issue 93 Smuggling at Maryhill: an incident in 1813 Yes
Issue 67 Smuggling in Argyll, 1725-1745 No
Issue 87 Snapshots of Kintyre: the MacGrory Photographs 1890-1910 Yes
Issue 02 Society of Antiquaries in Scotland - Regional Fund No
Issue 69 Solway – The Devil’s Porridge Exhibition No
Issue 30 Some Scottish harbours Yes
Issue 52 Sources for Scottish Local History Yes
Issue 47 South Queensferry – Queen Margaret, the ferry and the Carmelite friars No
Issue 21 South West Scotland – archives and local history Yes
Issue 42 South West Scotland – clubs and societies, 18th and 19th centuries Yes
Issue 24 South West Scotland – the silent revolution in the countryside No
Issue 17 Southern Necropolis project No
Issue 105 Spanish Influenza and Scotland No
Issue 25 Sport and the local historian No
Issue 50 Sport and the local historian Yes
Issue 31 Sport – searching for sport No
Issue 17 Springburn Museum, Glasgow No
Issue 22 St Andrews Cathedral graveyard No
Issue 17 St Andrews University Library No
Issue 72 St Andrews University's Special Collections No
Issue 115 St Bridget's Kirk, Parish of Dalgety, Fife Yes
Issue 91 St Mary's Hospital, Kincardine O'Neil Yes
Issue 04 Standard Grade and local history No
Issue 08 Standard Grade and local history – an update No
Issue 26 Standard Grade historical investigation – reflections Yes
Issue 26 Standard Grade history investigation Yes
Issue 09 Standard Grade history – request for information about primary sources No
Issue 10 Stanley and the Scottish cotton industry No
Issue 45 Stanley Mills – an early factory village Yes
Issue 68 Statistical Accounts – intellectual background Yes
Issue 51 Statistical Accounts – internet access ( Yes
Issue 20 Steuarts of Mount Esk: photographs No
Issue 30 Stevenson family of lighthouse builders Yes
Issue 52 Stirling Castle – visit by Inverness Field Club Yes
Issue 60 Stirling of Keir, Archibald – a letter from India Yes
Issue 71 Stirling – life in the 18th century No
Issue 23 Stirling – local history officer No
Issue 73 Stirlingshire (East) industrialisation, 1790-1840 Yes
Issue 89 Stirlingshire's Forgotten Patriot: Baldred Bisset Yes
Issue 111 Storekeeper Extraordinary: John Trotter (1757-1833) and his relatives No
Issue 88 Stories in the Land: in the tracks of the Highland Drovers Yes
Issue 55 Stornoway’s Female Industrial School Yes
Issue 35 Strathblane – children’s home hospital No
Issue 41 Strichen Estate, Aberdeenshire – founding of planned villages Yes
Issue 52 Survey of Scottish witchcraft Yes
Issue 104 Surveying the Stewartry: John Ainslie's County Map of Kirkcudbright, 1791-1821 Yes
Issue 23 Sweden – Scottish trading links No
Issue 27 T Newte, c1785 – who was he? No
Issue 62 Tarbat Peninsula – evacuation 1943-4 Yes
Issue 73 Tarlair's mineral spring and swimming pool, Macduff Yes
Issue 21 Tayside & Fife Studies Centre Yes
Issue 05 Tenement communities No
Issue 34 Tenement life – aspects No
Issue 49 Tenement past, tenement future – living testament or false heritage Yes
Issue 80 The "Black Minstrelsy in Scotland" No
Issue 112 The 'Bard of Tinwald' Yes
Issue 116 The 'Lost' Churches of Stirling: Charting Scottish Ecclesiastical History through a Single Parish Yes
Issue 118 The Abbey, Saucel and Seedhill Grain Mills, Paisley Yes
Issue 95 The Adoption of a Neolithic Monument: Carn Glas Yes
Issue 110 The Afterlife of John Bell of Antermony Yes
Issue 109 The Bazaar Age in Scotland - Part 5, Khartoum in Kirkcaldy: bazaar decorators, scenic artists and fundraising in Scotland, c. 1960 - c.1930 Yes
Issue 118 The Bazaar Age in Scotland - Part 8, Fun and Fundraising in Forfar in 1903: The Area Belle Farce Yes
Issue 81 The Bewitching of Sir George Maxwell of Pollock No
Issue 85 The Bounty Whalers and the Inuit Yes
Issue 97 The Caledonian Bazaar, Museum and Art Gallery in Edinburgh: the vision of James Johnston of Straiton (1801-1841) Yes
Issue 82 The Castles of Lochmaben Yes
Issue 85 The Condorrat Radicals of 1820 Yes
Issue 112 The Cupar War Memorial Project: concept to implementation 1918-1922 Yes
Issue 100 The Discovery of the Highlands: the role of the artist in the growth of tourism in the Highlands Yes
Issue 117 The Dumfries Siller Gun and the Two Georges Yes
Issue 91 The Evolution of Whittinghame Estate and the Jameson Family Network Yes
Issue 117 The Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company - its Early Days Yes
Issue 102 The Figures behind the Facts: a first analysis of the individual contributors to the Old Statistical Account No
Issue 88 The French Royals' Last Return to Edinburgh Yes
Issue 86 The Gairs of Nigg: the firtunes of a small estate in Easter Ross Yes
Issue 61 The Glasgow Story Yes
Issue 100 The Glassford Marriage Portraits Yes
Issue 92 The Govan Rent Strikes of 1915 Yes
Issue 86 The Great Atlas of Scotland Project Yes
Issue 103 The Great North Road from North Queensferry to Kinross in the Stage Coach Era Yes
Issue 37 The Green Man throughout history and across Scotland Yes
Issue 82 The Highland Archive Network Yes
Issue 04 The impact of microcomputers on local history No
Issue 82 The Impact of the Railway on Victorian Peebles and Duns Yes
Issue 118 The Incidence of Escapes from Stobs Prisoner of War Camp, 1915-1918 Yes
Issue 93 The Journal of Alexander Innes of Banffshire in Jamaica 1823-24 Yes
Issue 110 The Kames Gunpowder Works 1839-1921 Yes
Issue 84 The Landing of King George IV and the Masters of Trinity House, Leith Yes
Issue 82 The Legendary Leith Smacks Yes
Issue 118 The Literacy and Debating Society of a Coatbridge School, 1916-1929 Yes
Issue 82 The Lost Village of Tayovullin, Loch Gruinart, Islay Yes
Issue 107 The Luxury Private Steam Yachts built by Ramage & Ferguson of Leith before World War I Yes
Issue 70 The making of bygone Yetholm Yes
Issue 96 The Mass Stranding of Whales on Thorntonloch Beach in 1950: a Social and Oral History Yes
Issue 80 The Migration of Farm Workers to Macduff 1850-1970 No
Issue 99 The Mitchell Library, Glasgow: a social history of its early years Yes
Issue 118 The Mitchellite Explosive and MB Powder Factory, Bonnybridge Yes
Issue 30 The mysterious McOran-Campbells Yes
Issue 109 The Navvies at Loch Chon Yes
Issue 80 The new SLHF Journal No
Issue 101 The Nineteenth Century Mapping of Sutherland Yes
Issue 34 The Northern Athenian house No
Issue 103 The Origins of Glasgow's George Square Yes
Issue 96 The Orphan Hospital in Edinburgh (1733-1822): The Struggle for Health Yes
Issue 99 The Orphan Hospital in Edinburgh: striving for respectability Yes
Issue 90 The Paisley Radical Trials of 1820 Yes
Issue 100 The Reservoirs of the Forth and Clyde canal: eighteenth century engineering and twenty-first century sculptures Yes
Issue 91 The Residents of 2 Regent Road, Edinburgh Yes
Issue 39 The Rev Mr Kerr of Dirleton, and his golf book No
Issue 25 The rise of west coast tourist resorts No
Issue 36 The role of the exciseman and its changes through the years No
Issue 91 The Sale of Logiealmond Estate during the 1840s Yes
Issue 87 The Scottish Local History Forum: Thirty Years Yes
Issue 84 The Shawfield Mansion of Glasgow Yes
Issue 10 The site of Old Roxburgh No
Issue 02 The Statistical Accounts as Historical Sources No
Issue 81 The Story of Inverkeithing Salt Works No
Issue 82 The Story of Middlebank House and Some of its Occupants Yes
Issue 84 The Trades of Maryhill: Stephen Adam's stained glass panels at Maryhill Burgh Hall Yes
Issue 115 The Ups and Downs of Tourism in Dunbar Yes
Issue 111 The View from the East: Edinburgh and the 1820 Insurrection No
Issue 80 The Watchmeal of Kilpatrick: a Wolf's Tale with a Difference No
Issue 102 The Water Mills of the Lower Kelvin: Nine Dams, Thirty Mills No
Issue 93 The Wells of Gladsmuir, East Lothian, and the Reverend John Ramsay Yes
Issue 69 Third Statistical Account, 1944-1992 – the dream of James G Kyd No
Issue 105 Thomas Hutcheon's Plan of Elgin No
Issue 81 Thomas Muir and the Scottish Enlightenment No
Issue 92 Thomas Muir: an Australian Perspective Yes
Issue 83 Thomas Shier's Plan of Longmanhill, Banffshire, 1821 Yes
Issue 34 Thomas Telford’s Highlands & Islands church and manse programme No
Issue 90 Times Past Along the Molendinar Yes
Issue 34 Timothy Pont’s architectural sketches No
Issue 94 Tom Johnston and 'Municipal Socialism' Yes
Issue 92 Tomatoes, Tulips and Chrysanths: the Harrisons' Temple Farm in the 1950s and early 1960s Yes
Issue 60 Torry and the Lands of Nigg Yes
Issue 02 Town and Country Planning No
Issue 19 Tracing roots in Moray District No
Issue 92 Trade through the Port of Leith in the Mid-Eigtheenth Century Yes
Issue 38 Traditional sports and their structures and sites in Scotland No
Issue 64 Trafalgar remembered Yes
Issue 82 Transforming the National Museum of Scotland Yes
Issue 64 Transport of Delight: a history of Balfron’s trains and buses Yes
Issue 82 Travellers, Turnpikes & Tar: SLHF Conference Report Yes
Issue 55 Trials of printers Robertson and Berry in 1793 Yes
Issue 53 Turkey Red – Glasgow as a centre of the Scottish Dyeing Industry Yes
Issue 32 Turnpike roads - turnpike trusts in Largs and West Kilbride Yes
Issue 56 Turnpike roads – ending of Tolls in 1878, et seq Yes
Issue 70 Turriff – Photo Feature Yes
Issue 44 Ulster – local history: ‘where it’s at and where it’s going’ Yes
Issue 25 Urban fires in early modern Scotland No
Issue 92 Useful Local History Sources 1: the Inland Revenue Survey of Land Value and Land Ownership, 1910-1915 Yes
Issue 93 Useful Local History Sources 2: Ordnance Survey Name Books Yes
Issue 95 Useful Local History Sources 3: School Log Books Yes
Issue 96 Useful Local History Sources 4: Ordnance Survey Books of Reference Yes
Issue 101 Useful Local History Sources 5: Early Testaments Yes
Issue 49 Using museums for local history Yes
Issue 113 Valentine pull-out Novelty Postcards - A Scottish invention Yes
Issue 50 Valentines of Dundee Yes
Issue 88 Villages in the Mind: unbuilt projects in north-east Scotland Yes
Issue 26 Visitors’ lists as sources for Victorian tourism Yes
Issue 21 Walter Mason’s collection of Selkirk historical records Yes
Issue 101 Walter Scott and the Douglas Land at Loch leven: the role of Scott in the marriage of Margaret Douglas Maclean Clephane and Lord Spence Compton Yes
Issue 110 Was it due to the weather? Lady Logiealmond's debtors Yes
Issue 69 Water transport – change as perceived in the OSA and NSA No
Issue 98 Well Tended Fields: the tenant farms and farmers of the Castlemilk Estate, Lanarkshire, from the fifteenth century to 1938 Yes
Issue 43 West Calder Oil Company and the Australian connection No
Issue 46 West Highland Museum, Fort William Yes
Issue 30 Westerton – a village story Yes
Issue 115 What Goes Around, Comes Around - The 1884 Typhoid Outbreak in Benslie, Fergushill and Glasgow Yes
Issue 98 What ruefu' chance has twin'd ye o' your stately trees?: historical maps and a poetic chronical of Drumlanrig Woods Yes
Issue 70 When Royalty graced Strathendrick’s railways Yes
Issue 112 Where is Scotland's History? Local history and local people: the nation's building blocks Yes
Issue 116 Whisky Distilling beside the Water of Leith at Balerno Yes
Issue 25 Whitehill, Aberdour No
Issue 52 Whittingham’s Old Village Yes
Issue 77 William Adamson MP Yes
Issue 69 William Baird, Lord Invernairn and Flichity House No
Issue 18 William Gibson of Leadhills, 1826-45 No
Issue 34 William Harley: the man who changed the face of Glasgow No
Issue 68 Wood Islands Presbyterian Church, Prince Edward Island Yes
Issue 31 Woodhead Lead Mines No
Issue 28 Working People’s History Trust No
Issue 32 World War I – diaries in NLS Yes
Issue 17 Written sources: general reference books No
Issue 52 Yetholm – water mills on the Bowmont Yes
Issue 51 ‘Flashbacks’ oral history series Yes
Issue 74 ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ – road construction in Georgian Argyll Yes